Ever After Gown – Part 3

Finally finished the sleeves! Yay!


I screwed something up cutting up out these pieces because the sleeves barely fit.  See how tight they are, especially around the elbow? Ah well, time to seam rip and widen.

I ended up adding a thin strip of gold fabric down the entire length. I debated covering that strip with the same green velvet and red trim but decided I liked it better plain. Here’s how it looked:


I had to widen the armhole too. Since I didn’t want to widen the entire side of the bodice, I added a triangular piece of gold fabric:


Here’s me wearing the finished bodice with sleeves. Cute, right?


Next up is the underskirt and underskirt lining. This is just a giant 6-piece circle skirt, so I won’t bore you with the details. But just for kicks, here’s a pic of me sewing the shiny gold dupioni:



And here’s me wearing the skirt and bodice unattached. The skirt is pinned in the back right now because a zipper needs to go there, and I can’t add the zipper until I finish the underskirt with lining and then sew the overskirt to the underskirt. Fun times ahead, yo.