Red Renaissance Outfit – Part 1

I bought this gorgeous corset from Mad Girl Clothing last year at the LA Renaissance Fair.  Aren’t the clasps nifty? This year at the fair, I spotted a silver and black version that came with a matching skirt, so I asked the saleslady if the skirt came in the same color as the brocade fabric on my corset, and she said yes.  When I asked how much, she said $110.  Yikes.

photo 1

When I went home that evening, I looked up the skirt online and found that the fabric was called Burgundy and Hunter Brocade.  On a whim, I decided to google that phrase, and it turns out that Joann’s has it on sale for $6/yard.

photo 2

I promptly snatched up 3 yards with a plan to make a nice overskirt and a simple black cotton underskirt.   Here I am with the fabric wrapped around my waist to give you an idea of what I’m thinking.


I’d also like to make a pair of detachable shoulder straps out of the same fabric that simply snap into the corset, and then purchase a black cotton chemise to wear underneath.  The finished outfit will essentially be the color inverse of this outfit below:



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